Maneuvering Songtext - I LOVE MAKONNEN

Maneuvering - I LOVE MAKONNEN

I make a bitch go dumb

I make a bitch go dumb

I make a bitch go dumb, dumb, dumb
Coke with the rum

[Verse 1]
Pretty girls on my line

Trying to figure out the next time

When I'm gon come around

I be out in every town
A pretty motherfucka' just did GQ

Step in the spotlight like, who are you?

Cause' I don't really give a damn

All my friends like making cash

And they got taxes and taxi's
Out here moving all day like maxi pads

When the bitches get periods
I'm the hottest in the town that's period

Got damn, my girl love me

Your girl love me
She don't put nothin' above me

But.... herself

And that's good for us


[Verse 2]
All my cash be super clean

Make a play on any scene
Still out here swervin' and maneuvering
Motherfucka's like what is you doing?

Nothing at all
Trying to make my money stack tall

Why are y'all hating on us?

We goin' be out here making much
All these girls love the kid

Wanna know if they can have my kid

Said they old man doin' a bid

Said I can be a replacement

Ha, that's a motherfuckin' joke
Smoke my weed I'll make a bitch choke

Damn and I love my money
Shouts out to you cause I love you honey


[Verse 3]

I just keep the booth on deck
Bitches like me keep the scoop on deck

So much money I don't care no more

So much black we don't stand no more

All my green is super clean
Loudest of the loud know what I mean

Making [town and say your team]
Hockey jerseys on the scene


Tell me if you see a motherfucka' like me

Do it so fast and do it so quick

Make a bitch fuck around and lose her shit

Damn, she done lost her purse

Lost her man and lost her money

Nigga like me out here telling jokes

But I don't see nothing funny


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