As Far As It Goes Songtext - IamSu

As Far As It Goes - IamSu

[Verse 1: IamSu!]
Put my trust in my brothers, listened to what my momma said
Made my moves undercover, stayed away from what drama is
All the while we've been bubbling, hustling to bring them commas in
So many people coming, promising empty promises

[Bridge: IamSu!]
These niggas be tryna' dress
I be in designer shit
Cut that shit im not impressed
Look at who you rhyming with
All my homies real as fuck
All your homies counterfeit
Label tryna' jerry yes
But we not allowing it

[Verse 2: IamSu!]
Need a mill just to listen, so to spill my position
I'm colder than whoever won't take my girl out to kiss her
So you think I care? Hell no. Might bend but dont break, elbow
Ya'll believe in these rappers, but its those that im after
Im addicted to stunting buying kicks till im casper
That till im gone, ill outlast them
Every song is an eargasm, cause I open my mind
My words of your imagination
Su baby!

[Hook: IamSu!]
Trying to do my thing, right off a dream
Haters they try to hold but thank god I got wings
So this song is what I sing, putting on for my team
Promise that I'mma get it, get it by any means
I'mma follow this road as far as it goes
I'mma follow this road as far as it goes

[Verse 3: Hollywood Keefy]
I asked the bay and the game what they gon' take me as
They see me as a mill but never let them break me fast
Stay prepared for repair so i got the right tools
Its not about the truth we in the game where ice rules
And these hoes choose all over status
But how the fuck we looking [?]
When we search for the baddest
Infatuated with the lights and all the women that's with it
You see these niggas rocking with you
Then turn cold as a blizzard
Its like, your real niggas
And them other niggas
And now them other niggas is just other niggas
So I stay lifted and try to show you the ways
And I'm running on open ground but its feeling just like a maze
My brother is was what you was
But you turned into some shit we wasn't
Felt like you was my fam but now you some bitches cousin
So I just spread my wings I'm going up like an airlift
And its rare for me to not be on some epic shit


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