Ascension Songtext - IamSu

Ascension - IamSu

Lyrically I could be Talib Kweli
Said fuck following whoever decided to lead
God’s speed right here at the top of the steps
Gave everything I had in me 'til it’s nothing left.
A man’s defined by his word quiet as kept
Keep your third eye open, obeying your perception
What’s the meaning of life?
Trying to stick to the code, I’m not reading it right
Uh, someoneone give me a sign
Feels like everybody around me is living a lie.
Enough water that I could drown all the tears in my eyes.
Wanna make the world a little better, before my demise
Feel like the gap is getting longer, the higher I climb.
Having to put myself right again time after time.
Line after line I’m elevating the collective conscious
Skipped over college, took my tuition I made a direct deposit
In to the school of hard knocks, my major ran in my dreams
And now my wallet's so big that it can't fit in my jeans.
God, family and music, won’t let the shit intervene
I had a dream when I was younger, I was winning that ring.
I had to switch up my roster, switch up my mantra
Hard to stay humble when they’re praising you at concert.
Stupid occupied so I decided to divide my attention
Thought she wanted me to blow, how you can’t do with my ascension

I thought you loved me!
(I do love you!)
I thought you’re the one for me
(Baby, I’m the one for you right now!)
Like, forever!
What happened
(I don’t know, I was tripping
I was on the, I was on the bullshit
Insecurities in my mind just kept working
It’s just the bitches and I don’t even know
It doesn’t even matter like,
You’re all I want, I’m sorry love!
Great wound for that
Don’t, don’t walk away from me!
'Cause I need you, I love you
I'm sorry, please)

I thought you loved me,
I thought you love me!
You said
I thought you loved me!
I thought you loved me!
I thought you loved me!
I thought you loved me!
No, no, no, it’s not love, no

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