Changes Songtext - IamSu

Changes - IamSu

[Intro: IamSu!]
Yeah HBK yeah you know how we play
Uhh, this sound like one
Yeah, Uhh, Uhh

[Verse 1: IamSu!]
I'm just riding through my city, windows ain't tinted
Living like I'm 'finna die at any minute
Push it to the limit grinding every day
Life gave me lemons, I made lemonade
Using tears in a bucket that I cried out
Want it so bad cry 'till my eyes dry out
You won't ever ever make the team until you try out
Now with that said let me show you what my mind 'bout
I'm about always putting on, that's my only intention
While you all kept it real, I stayed relentless
You got to play your cards, whatever life deals you
Hold on to your bread and make it green no mildew
Me and my gang but it's not piru
But my whole soul in everything I do
Like voodoo, who knew I would be the greatest
Sick, highly medicated

[Hook: IamSu!]
Life changes, yeah friends become strangers
I swear life changes
Uhh, the world puts me through changes, I'm feeling so changed
I feel ya'll changed, I swear life changes
I swear life changes, life changes, yeah

[Verse 2: IamSu!]
Stay high so my eyes low
Ducking 5-0 trying to take the high road
While people steadily trying to bring me under
It really makes me wonder where does all this hating come from
Being that, not too many make it where i come from
And being that individual that has done something
I see the fact through the lies
I see the snakes in disguise
I see the hate in their eyes
And I pray it's making them blind
I'm the last of the Mohicans
Listen what I'm speaking
Speak the realities of life
Whether its decent or indecent
My recent intentions as these niggas playing defense
Instead of joining the movement they trying to make up a reason
Drag us through the mud, we still come out clean
Cause the real 'gon stand out like a turned on screen
Middle finger to everybody that turned on me
We in the building, and homie we for sure won't leave (like ayee)


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