Different Songtext - IamSu

Different - IamSu

Hook: IamSU
Different cities, different shows, my money to count
Different girls come through, they cutting their bounce
I need bands for a beat, no different amounts
Conceited niggas, yall in a different town
I ain't nothing like you niggas we different, we different [x2]

Verse 1: IamSu!
Heartbreakers be the gang, got money to burn
Took over the game, now they waiting their turn
Cuts some niggas off, cause you live and you learn
Real nigga, i can't think of a different word
Getting money everyday, like the first and the third
House in the hills, my money legal, no work on the kerb
That churp shit for the birds, that chill in the 'burbs,that chill like a turb
We the hottest so fuck what you heard, urgh
Real to the molecule, old heads in the way, man they gotta move
Pardon my French bitch, parlez vous
Au revoir, if you ain't cutting throw that allez ou
Couple hunnids for my shoes, coat cost two
Kilt the game, hating lames filing lawsuits
Heartbreak Gang, i'm the boss too
After i'm done, the homies don't wanna toss two


Verse 2: P-Lo
You know
Young rich motherfucka uh
Yeah we buzzing like a beehive, yeah
Heartbreakers you know we fly, yeah
Grand hustle like i'm T.I, yeah
If you looking for my gang, yeah, they will be right here,uh
Fly bitches and hallf-hass, hoes choose up, cause i bust straps
I see them throwing shots, but i bust back
I don't trust them hoes where there's trusts at
They see me getting money, they lust at
Machos to my brothers, machos to my gang
HBK forever, shit will never change
They say we heating up, but i ain't Dwayne
More like Pat Riley, keep that money piling
Keep a tanned bitch, somewhere from the islands
Twenty years old, they tell me that i'm wiling
Hoes tell me i'm clean, making bitches clean
Just me and my money, bitches never intervene


Verse 3: Cj
I ain't nothin' like yuh, i'd never wife her
I'm a real rapper, you my Kiefifer
Heartbreak repper, California rider
Hoes wanna ride, i tell 'em hop inside
I gotta A- town down, yeah that mean that she Asian
If i say she Haitis, then that means that she playin'
CJ be the boy, you better praise her
And she no better then come around entertainment, she ain't glazing
Take a bitch wallet, maybe spend all it
The pen get me paper, bitch i ain't drawin'
God damn, im the man, pop tens, i ain't playing
They saying you the man, more like Joanna man
You a bitch nigga, Heartbreaker Gang be the clique, nigga
You don't need a clue, to know your main on my tip, nigga
I put your main on the strip, nigga
California is a car, watch me make hat thing switch nigga

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