Go Crazy Songtext - IamSu

Go Crazy - IamSu

[Jay Ant]
Im just a young nigga(huh)
Minding my own business(yeah)

Verse 1:[Iamsu]
Nigga my flow than the virgin
Ho I be murkin'
The kicks cleaner than detergent
Yo bitch be workin'
God damn Im broke allergic, I hate that
Wrist rockier than Asap's, 8 stacks'
Make that off rap nigga
That was last week
I went through struggles and through that some ass cheeks
These rappers pussy, all they missin' is the maxi
I need a bitch who bakes like Ash
Tell her cash me, Ashley
I think I got my mojo back
Hoes screamin' like 2Pac back
Got the rooftop back
Lettin' my hair blow
The day you seein' me, that'd be a miracle
Im very cold like, brrr..
Hit it up one time
Gold teeth blingin', bitches thinkin' its sunshine
Heart Breakers everyday, I'm in a new time zone
If I'm rapping money, I'mma need like five songs

Hook: [P-Lo]
I'ma get it in, go crazy(x4)
Crazy, go crazy, go crazy(x4)

Verse 2: [Skip]
Yeah, you know you fucking with the dopest
Got money on my mind stay focused
Kushed up so you know when I’m smoking on
Cooking like the oven on, head it to the prove alone
I get love everywhere I go boy
Hit the strip club bitches on that pole boy
They know they rope boy, coming out the riches
But they still that oh boy, this sounds like oh boy
I roll this weed up, retro Jordans when I kick my feet up
Young boss ass nigga do it for my people
You niggas fought short I ain’t got no equal
I blow like C-4
MOB shit, murkin' on this niggas on my COD shit
Been a secret weapon on some low key shit
Gold chain, gold watch, match my gold teeth bitch
And y'all can’t see this


Verse 3:[Dave Steezy]
If you hatin' nigga stop it
When them Wiz Khalifa chucks drop then I’ma cop them
My steez kill em, you know I’m something proper
And I don’t believe everything I hear çause niggas been jawsin'
So much heat its like Miami and my closet
And you can call it, whatever you want is the take over
The reason I started rappin’ really was skateboarding
And that’s where I got my steez, you niggas can’t hate on it
But that ain't finna do shit, prolly' on some new shit
With my big brothers and they run today’s music
I never let em play me, the hoes choose cause nigga so wavy
I just tell the ho pay me
I shop in New York and you shop it all navy
And when you see a nigga like me go crazy
(I shop in New York and you shop it all navy
And when you see a nigga like me go crazy)


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