Hipster Girls - Bonus Track Songtext - IamSu

Hipster Girls - Bonus Track - IamSu

[Verse 1]
Posting pics on your blog, uh, taking rips of that bong, uh
Bout to move to Los Angeles ‘cause you sick of living at home, uh
Shop at Urban Outfitters, all your other clothes is straight vintage
Tie flannels around yo waist, wearing boots and beanies in the winter
Hit the club with all of yo club homies ‘cause your real friends can't get in
You will never wait in no lines, you already text the promoter man
And he thirsty and he wants you, but you use him for his plug
Just to get close with a nigga with a table, a baller, a rapper, or even sell drugs
‘Cause you just want the plug and you got that, ‘cause you just want the light and you got that
And maybe if you get a little closer they might really fuck with you, let you ride with the top back
You just want love and affection, but that dude's on to the next one
‘Cause if you ain’t down for the action, you gon get yo ass kicked outcha section
But guess what, nigga

This for all of my hipster girls
On Instagram straight flexin' (x3)
I said this for all of my hipster girls
On Tumblr straight flexin' (x3)

So go girl, do yo thing
I hope everybody in here know your name
I said go girl, do yo thing
I hope everybody in here know your name

[Verse 2]
Caught up in a hype in the lime light, but tell me what’s gon happen when the hype fade?
But I guess you ain’t learned from yo mistakes, he was messing with a senior in the 9th grade
Aspirin' model or actress, to niggas with money, you magnet
Constantly climbing the ladder, you swear to stay far from the stagnant
Everybody love a girl with a few goals, you a stripper and a model playing 2 roles
You be paying for yo college, but you dancing
At the same time saving for a new home
Uh uh, like hella likes hella likes
Instagram, that’s life, am I right?
Looking right up in them pictures, never wrong
When you caption always quota from a song
Like some Drake shit, or some A$AP, or some André 3 Stacks
You don’t give a fuck about these girls’ opinions
You don’t push these bitches up for they feedback
You just stretching for the life and you need that
Get a car and a crib, where the sea at
Wanna drink, wanna smoke, where the weed at?
Wanna champagne toast you can keep that
Believe that, baby

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] + [Pre-Hook]

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