Mainey Songtext - IamSu

Mainey - IamSu

[Verse 1-Iamsu!]
Young Suzy, respect I demand it
Hella rare haircut like Captain Planet
Homie I see you hatin' on me get caught red-handed
Handcuffin' on ya chick read rights Miranda
Took over the game now pay me my ransom
It ain't my birthday, give me my cake no candles
Here's an example
Ten toes down no sandals
Don't mean to ramble
Play me you get handled
Like UPS yes Suz that dude to fool with
Hottest in my city I turn the club to a movie
Real groovy, no dough than you lose me
Jacuzzi, chillin' with like 3 floozies
She choose me but she say she ain't a groupie
I'm like "really home girl? You couldn't confuse me"
All gold on deck, no diamonds or rubies
Drop, drop this on the club she shakin' her booty

[Hook x4]
That's mainey
Drop it to the ground

[Verse 2-Iamsu!]
Back in this thang Heart Breakers we stackin' the change
Keep ya hand on ya dame
I game her get all in her brain
Got the game on a leash
Better yet a ball and a chain
I think all of you lame
Nobodies at all of my lane
It's that Rich City, Rich City
Keep a bitch wit' me
Tell ya girlfriend get busy
The shit too silly
You rap niggas too Disney
Leave her lone for a week I bet that she miss me
I say it to they Capiche to dead all suspicions
You know I want it all, no honorable mention
Okay, don't play I stay on detention
I be all in her mouth, you hug em and kiss em
Thug 'em and diss 'em for money I stay on a mission
Finna let the world know hope you payin' attention
Heart Breakers be the gang we aim for the fence
You swing and then miss tryna diss you cease to exist
Suzy, ha

[Hook x4]
That's mainey
Drop it to the ground

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