Plan B (feat. Dizzy Wright) - Bonus Track Songtext - IamSu

Plan B (feat. Dizzy Wright) - Bonus Track - IamSu

[Verse 1: IamSu!]
Find me in the bay, find me in the bay
Made 20k spent it all today
No time for a hater go that way
I'm the biggest thing since Mac Dre
Same afro same mojo
All that dough you don't throw, Tony Romo
Everyday shine, everyday grind fool
You can tell it's mine by the baseline fool
Put my city put my city put my city on
You wanna hear about my closet I need 50 songs
Product of the hustle and hard work
Art work, tell these niggas freeze like fosters
Impostors, fake rappers they need Oscars
Check the roster, white collar money from concerts
Money bonkers
Started from the bottom but ended up in her tonsils
We ain't playing with you squares this ain't a console

[Hook: IamSu!]
Noooo, I don't got a Plan B
I'm full time understand me
I'm on the grind understand me
Count the money split it up with my family
And that's all
I don't got a Plan B
I'm full time understand me
I'm on the grind understand me
Count the money split it up with the family
And that's all

[Verse 2: IamSu!]
Losing ain't an option
When you see me I'm thinking green
Probably with the team, probably with your main
Ya mean, money in my balmains, everyday styling
I do magic city I don't do the little darlings
Daddy to these rappers they my offspring
All I do is gas, 91 octane
Riding in the fast lane catch me if you can
See a hundred grand, do the running man
Straight to it direct, all I do is finesse
Fresh dress to the death of the me
Cook it up got the recipe
Yes indeed I be extra clean
Kill the beat may it rest in peace
Everyday I ball but they ain't seeing me or catching me
I believe that I'm fly, I believe that I'm high
Smoke sativa's until I got parentheses for my eyes
Understand that I'm trill, never needed to lie
HBK be the gang, I'ma hold it down until I die


[Verse 3: Dizzy Wright]
20-1-4 and beyond making a statement
I'm losing patience, and I'm ready to make replacements
Been trying to fill that position for ages
On this rampage since Nelly wore a bandaid
I'm out here, nigga this our year, we full throttle
Full time, call the me rap American Idol
23 like Michael before the 45 in the finals
Let me get on top of shit, I heard they wanted confidence
Lord knows, I'm about to blow and it's not because of my wardrobe
But I'm fly as hell so I might as well
Can't you tell I'm ready for action without the talking
Sold out shows tour the world until I'm exhausted
Roger that, on stage smoking bringing the knowledge back
You want some hits well that ain't shit we got a lot of that
He from the desert with the flavor and the effort
If I fail my Plan B it's to do Plan A better


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