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She Ready - IamSu

HBK gang fuck bitches (do your thang) (2x)
HBK gang fuck bitches (do your thang) (2x)
Yo girl she ready
Yo girl she ready
Yo girl she ready
Yo girl she ready

[Verse 1:Iamsu]
If lil mama ain't cutting we been rolled out
You see me steppin in them Jordans that's been sold out
It's heartbreaker the gang all up in your mouth
I'mma put you up on some shit you don't know about
Like woadie, I'm hungry like I ain't ate in 4 days
Niggas talking down but it's okay
Cuz everytime you see me man we gettin paid

[Verse 2: P-Lo]
Hit it from the back make her booty bigger
We don't go out you don't see me with her
Make her scream when I'm all up in her
She already know she rolling with a winner
Heartbreakers got the game on lock
Yeah we gettin bread and it ain't gon' stop
While you blowin up the phone your girlfriend on top
If you step up in the party bet that thang gon' pop
Bitch what


[Verse 3: Hbk C.J.]
Trunk slam hard blow them windows out
They see me they start running like Kimbo's out
It's game over when you see them tints roll out
Money hungry tell em bring ten bowls out
HBK, what you know about it
It ain't what we say , its how we go about it
Every situation we getting dough up out it
Everyday these niggas hating so you know we got it

[Verse 4: HBK Skipper]
Rookie of the year flow
Niggas say wassup but leave em hanging liking like a ear lobe
Back in the day niggas thought I was a weirdo
Funny how the tables turned cuz now I'm fucking their hoes
Look up I'm somewhere in the air homes
Bet you find my number somewhere in your bitches cell phone
Came in the game and they bugging like a fed phone
On the store run and I'm bringing back the bread home


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