Sincerely Yours Songtext - IamSu

Sincerely Yours - IamSu

Heart bring terror, what the era is
Never needed a shrink, I use my music as my therapist
Tryna to follow the path of the greats minus mistakes
‘Cause in life, you only get one take, you heard me
Game over, lights off, hang up your jersey
Beat the odds like magic ‘cause I’m so James worthy
Tangled in this web called fame
In this pursuit, break free, break free, it’s so dangerous to do, but it’s worth it
The feeling when words can’t break you
The feeling when you’re actually everything you say you are
Own songs, same swan songs, daddy hit mommy, mommy left daddy, so long
Granddaddy passed, I’m hugging on granny, hold on
I ain’t seen nobody cry in so long
I sit back and wonder how everybody is so strong
‘Cause I just don’t wanna be forgotten
I just wanna stack my dough and split the profits with my partners
This rap’s become monotonous, going in circles
So it forces me to go in early as my curfew in high school
Yeah, I was the butt of some jokes
Roll my stress up, let it simmer down in the smoke
In a war against whack shit, I’m on the front line
Now I’m in front of the line, they can’t front on mine
Everything’s by design, everything’s for a reason
Now we’re in the stand, there’s ain’t the slightest chance of leaving

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