The Weather (Dirty) - Bonus Track Songtext - IamSu

The Weather (Dirty) - Bonus Track - IamSu

[Hook: IamSu!] (x2)
Ain't nothing change but the weather
If I change, I'mma change for the better (let 'em know sum'n)
You know the deal, money come, money go
I'mma get it, rain, sleet, hail, snow
You know what I'm talking about (let 'em know sum'n)

[Verse 1: IamSu!]
HBK Young Sudi, man
Hop out the van straight to the stage
Turn up and rage then I get paid
My nigga Sage just went platinum
And I'm fresh off going gold
How I look younger than ever
But got money like I'm old
I don't hear nothing but big money discussion
I be gassing I be busting all this ass that I be touching
Got me tripping like damn girls used to ignore
Got me talking less and listening more
Ain't nobody from here been in this position before
Told her drop it to the ground put that shit to the floor
Like mop and glow, make her stop and go
I been shopping more, copping more designer shit
Rollie tell me what time it is
Young black diamond and tell them catch up like condiments
People lie so much like they forgot what being honest is
HBK the gang in this thing for life
You niggas is hype, finna turn up on sight (Like yeah)


[Verse 2: Sage the Gemini]
Charge as much as my Instagram followers
See niggas wanna beef I gotta thing for the dollar up
Super smash the pay I need my check to be powered up
HBK the only circle so the Audi was ours, oh
And I came to get it popping
See I don't fuck with squares so they think I'm Illuminati
Like bitch, ha ha, you can't stop me
My papers in Kinkos, please don't copy
Oh, I'm living good why would I knock you?
You a bootleg real players don't watch you
Haircut by Kelv, watch the girls inbox you
Sick of these bitches but I bet I won't hachoo
Outcast funky put this thing on you
Buy baby forumla
Your mind fairy tale welcome Narnia
Harry Potter bolt in your forehead
So militant you ain't joined the core yet
Spoiled beast, lose a loan, you in debt
Chilling with the WonderBowls, whole bunch of talent
Drive girls crazy, got a few miles in
Me and Yukon, let money pile in
He'll split your seeds or I don't do salad


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