What You 'Bout (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Berner) Songtext - IamSu

What You 'Bout (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Berner) - IamSu

[Verse 1: IamSu!]
I like em long hair thick as hell
Haters praying that I change like a wishing well
Once you get a little name they do what you want
You know it's Heart Break Gang upper echelon
You know it's three's up when it's repping time
These seventeen-hundred don't step on mine
I'm in the game finna ball until I foul out
All these niggas turn fake I don't know how
Tell me the difference between you and me
Tell me what these others dudes have to do with me
Jamie drinking kush smoking Bathing Ape wearing
Suzy 6 Speed gas like a new McLaren, don't compare them
I'm a menace in this business ain't I, can't lie
Big Tymer so I had to stay fly, ball when it's game time
All on the same grind
Heart Break Gang is all I know
Player coach making more banging Dre since '84 whore

[Hook: P-Lo] (x2)
Throw it back, show me what you 'bout now
Throw it back, show me what you 'bout now
Throw it back, show me what you 'bout now
Throw it back, show me what you 'bout now

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Throw it, throw it
I got a bottle open your mouth I'ma pour it
She know I'm getting dollars because I'm a poet
She got a lot of ass and she dying to show it
Lemme run it in your hole there, yeah, true player
They love me so much nigga had to move here
Shortie hit the weed now she don't know what to do
Just take one look at the bitches you would think uncle Snoop's here
Yeah, gold rings, gold chains mayne
People say I got my own lane
Cause when the chips fall niggas start folding under pressure
I'ma always keep it G and do my own thing
Are you faded, are you feeling X rated?
Are you trying to get famous?
Took you over to the club with your girls
Well at least you made it
Real rap, I'ma throw a rack while you


[Verse 3: Berner]
I got a girl in your city she a dick tease
I blow big tree, me and 6 Speed
I told her get her money right like Pimp C
I'm in LA where the bloods and crips be
High already is she, this space shit is envy
I keep a bitch broke yeah I keep her on empty
Ber-Bernzel (Bernzel)
Make one call 20 birds sell
Young farmer I grow the herb well
20 pack they wanna buy more
Fresh cut let it dry more
Fuck a broke bitch, let-let her die poor
Mike Kors Lamborghini suicide doors
Le-Lemme live one time
Been rich if I sick then I'm still gone shine
That's the bay, gang gang I got your bitch online
Getting money, when she call huh it's all mine


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