Yeah Yeah Songtext - IamSu

Yeah Yeah - IamSu

[Intro: IamSu!]
Yeah, Yeah
(IamSu! laugh*)

[Verse 1: IamSu!]
First name stunt, last name ball
Ain't no freak ho', I can't call
Don't like blunts, don't like moss
And I smoke weed, but not like y'all
Niggas gon' hate, girls gon' date
I been used to that profligate
Life's a bitch, this I know
So I hope we procreate
Got up in this rap game, and did one thing, dominate
If it ain't about money, homie then I can't accommodate
It's a cook out, I come over with a paper plate
They think I work at Hostess, based on all this cake I make
Young G, say what I want to
My kick game, like Kung Fu
And if you think you shining, I might mess around and sun you
Eating all these rappers, I can't lie, I like this
Do a verse, box of Jordan's, that's what I call a mic check
I think, I need my eyes checked, I can't see nobody
All I do is 5 star, but bitch this ain't Yo Gotti
I mean hotels, some tells, how I feel is so real
You got no skills, I got pro skills
I got the coke flow, dough, fishscale

[Hook: IamSu!] (x4)
Yeah, Yeah Yeah
Imma Player
Granted, Imma millionaire

[Verse 2: IamSu!]
What it be like, what it gone do?
Never acstac, cuz I told you
Been 'bout bread since '02
Wanna hit nigga, I'm the go to
I rock PD, til I OD
I be low key, to my OG
No justice, then there's no peace
You ain't KFC, you want no beef
See me boi, Imma G boi
King soldiers, like a deep blunt
Heavy baller, you a cheat boi
Tennessee boi, you a decoy
On the same court, on the beach boi
Please, don't buy the lean boi
These rappers is my children, you know I follow these boys
Homie live it up, leave it up
I kilt this beat, finna dig it up
Small ball, golf ball
You ain't big enough
Smokin' something that'll probably leave a nigga ducked
Bro sick as fuck, I'll hit ya up
And the phone call, nigga go hard
Imma go hard, got a wallet
We the hottest, that's a promise
Thousands on garments
These rappers ready to seize tarnish
Commas, drama, cheesy, these artists
Shit, selling dope for some retarded shit
Please don't call me neeno, I ain't going down
Turn my city up, when ever my boi in town


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