It Takes A Nation Songtext - Ice Cube

It Takes A Nation - Ice Cube

There are seven known wonders of the world,
You about to witness the eighth motherfucker

[Verse 1]
I got King Kong in my trunk,
King Kong in my doors
My nuts play ping-pong from the noise;
You can hear me from a block away
I'm sitting next to your ass and cant hear what you got to say
My shit is loud, my ears is ringing
My paint job is wet
My chrome is gleaming
I feel like a vet ballin' on these rookies
An old-school bully, you must have played hooky
I bring it like a bookie,
My aggression is depressing
Don't give a motherfucker time to learn his lesson
A lunatic, yall know what I represent
The only rapper that wanna fist-fight the president

It takes a nation of niggas to hold us back [Repeat: x4]

[Verse 2]
When I bang this its dangerous
Niggas go brainless
So bang this with the four-five stainless
And understand that you looking at the famous
West-coast rapper who act like an anus
Hollywood, they thought they could tame this
Pit-bull, but I know what the game is
Them fuckers cheat like an NBA ref
If you smoke one now,
They'll electrocute you to death
I got god on my intellect
Godzilla by the neck
When the nigga come through, who you wanna holla at
Ghostwriters hit the deck
When ya boi got a tech
Where the fuck is Africa-Bamabata at
We need to take it back, fuck Viacom
Clear Clear Channel and Radio One
You motherfuckers programmed by the programmers
That's why you getting locked up by the dope slammers
Not me


[Verse 2]
They music so fluffy, I'ma stay gutter
That shit is kinda popcorn, my shit is so butter
My style never change in 22 summers
Straight independent and doing my numbers
This shit don't sell, you know I'm still paid
So sour-puss niggas, can drink lemonade
I'm doin' it for the love
You doing it because
You need that advancement to spend on them dubs
I don't need a penny, but I need many
Don't worry bout ma money boi, cause I got plenty
You motherfuckers worry bout flossing so much
You don't know the fundamentals, you forgot how to brush
These thirty-two teeth
Will give your ass grief
Bite you like a fat burger if you got beef
So whose it gonna be, your favorite MC
Your scared of the government, they scared of me
Now what?


It takes a nation of niggas and streets of crack

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