No Country For Young Men Songtext - Ice Cube

No Country For Young Men - Ice Cube

Many motherfuckers criticize
Pros and how they play
And many motherfuckers criticize
Rappers and what they say
Even though they criticize
Secretly they fantasize
But they know they'll never paid be to play

I'ma kill one of you young punks
With a old school flow
Flow flow

Though I walk through the shadow of death
I gotta make sure that my shoes and my outfit fresh
Y'all bitches get jealous when you see me coming
Y'all would too if you seen my woman
Y'all know we bout to do what we do
This shit here bout as sick as the flu
Drunk motherfuckers wanna vomit on my shoe
Niggas can't have shit prolly cause of you
Rappers go to jail like Oprah go to Yale
Stedman policy don't ask don't tell
Where my waterbees as I go get the mail
Half black is the new black can't you tell?
It was blue black like Wesley Snipes in new jack
Now you got to have a white mama just to do that
Tiger woods used to be a safe nigga
Go ahead let your daughter have a date with him
He'll mate wit 'em prolly in a wifebeater
Tiger 'bout to change his name to cheater
I don't like it when you call me big poppa
From south central and I hate helicopters
If we at school I'll break in your locker
See me with a water bottle its probably vodka
Drink responsibly or drink constantly
Be who you wanna be in this economy
Drunk as Sean Connery at the Bonavie
Can't throw me out motherfucker I'm the honery
Trust me I'll never be the nominee
I don't kiss enough ass I'm too honery
Ice cube be where the piranha be
Swim upstream eatin' all kind of meat
West coast treat it like hyenas
Take what you want from these lieing ass cheaters
Eat the fuck out these beavers
That's how we act when you don't wanna feed us
Crazy motherfucker ever since I was a fetus
Might as well join us you ain't gonna beat us
Please believe us you can ask Jesus
I'ma be here bout as long as Regis
Understand I never pledge of alligiance
To this balla confusion might cause a contusion boy
I see you're cruising for a bruising
Fucking with a principal that don't like students
Don't you know that detention is a lynching
And if I fail to mention I'm spending out my pension
No no no no
The reason I hung in
Cause this right here ain't no country for young men
Sunny you done fucked up the churches money
I'm red fox and you that big dummy
This junkyard was a empire
Y'all let it get over ran by vampires
Most M.C's is god damn liars
Like them fucking supervisors working up Kaiser?
Bitch I'm not a dodger I'm a laker punk
Yous a fucking clipper you can call me jack the ripper
Cut you up by your gizzard then down by your liver
Rooter by the tooter gut you like flipper
Dipper y'all better treat me like the skipper
Head trigga the heir nigga
Air honkey and air critter
I come through and kill every litter
Like that like that like that
No country for young men
No no no no
It's like balla' confusion
No country for young men
No no no no
Your world is just an illusion
No no no no
No country for young men
No no no no
It's like balla confusion
No country for young men
Your world is just an illusion

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