Baby Don't Cry Songtext - INXS

Baby Don't Cry - INXS

[Chorus: x6]
Baby don't cry

When you're down and confused
Nothing seems right
And it's you who decides
Who's going to make it right

[Chorus: x4]

Well life ain't no joke
But it's good when you smile
Steal everything
But you won't get far

[Chorus: x4]

Sometimes you will fall
What cha gonna do?
Give your friend a call

[Chorus: x6]

We know that you can smile
Even though it takes a while
To lose your fears and say
Gonna lose your fears and say

[Chorus: x4]

Do you know who you are
And where you're going to
Don't you know that love
Gonna pull you
Gonna pull you through now baby

[Chorus: x6]

Baby don't cry, baby don't cry [Repeat: x4]

Face to face
Anything is possible
Not political, or analytical
Never giving up on the wrong
You got a choice
Why don't you use it
Change, is an attitude
Guaranteed to take hold of you
So welcome, to the turnstile
Take a turn with a new vow
Hey, I know what you know
All the sympathy
Made a mess of me
Respect the sacrifice
Before the number one
Now it has begun

[Chorus: x4]

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