Cookie Jar Songtext - Iration

Cookie Jar - Iration

You got caught with your hands in the cookie jar
caught you red handed, caught you red handed
caught you playing in the cookie jar
Shame on you (shame on you!)

What a catastrophe
Worse than highway robbery
What happened to integrity?
you just playin' with poor people money
We put the money in the bank
and we get no thanks
Because you take it and you lend it to you friend
Now are we left with your problems
the poor people feel it again, why, why, why-oh-why?


You mess up your savings, put away for rainy day
How can you take from them, mis-management take it away
now she can't find a cent, he just cant pay the rent
cant find work from anyone, the sign said closed by the government
Is there no one with charity, taking care of poor people business?


Ignore your jacket and tie
You all tell your lie
Is there anyone... who can look them straight in the eye?
Some lose them rocks, so lose them wife
Some losing their way of life


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