Walk of Shame Songtext - Iration

Walk of Shame - Iration

So beaten up by my trials
But this bottle's got my back so I'll take a chance
Don't walk away, Is it rude is it right
When you step into the light
So I can see you
And now I understand, the years on your face
You've seen and said and slurred
You heard my history
So many choices, that's why I got one in each hand
Won't make a difference
But it might make my world look a little bit different
So can I see you, and do you understand?
You know me, you know I could've learned to get back to you
Just to get the last laugh, I said...
I'm tired of losing, movin on, moving on
I'm tired of using, movin on, moving on
I should've said right from the start
I forgot the ground for me to walk
And I can't make use of your town
And I got to, got to get to the top-front of the line, I said...
I said stop when you go to driving me crazy
Cause I know the way you came on your late night journey
Stop when you go to drive, when you put down your vice
You know you're driving me crazy
I said "can you do this, can you do this, can you do this walk of shame?"
I said "can you find, can you find, can you find your way?"
I said can you find your way?
From a place you came so late
I said "can you find your way?, can you find your way?, can you find your way?"
Ooohhhh, yeeeeaahh-yaahh

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