No 1 Songtext - Isac Elliot

No 1 - Isac Elliot

I may be young but I swear it's real
No 1 is too young for love
It's kinda weird but I like the feel
So now I'm going in for more

You're in my mind
You're in my heart
From the day
You wrote "Hello"

I follow you
You follow me
And baby imma let you know that

My heart is acting crazy
Girl when you're around me
Guessing what I feel is love

If we have each other
Life, love and laughter
No 1 is too young for love

I said no 1
No 1 is too young for love

I like your style
But I love your smile
Longing for the day we meet

You change your profile picture everyday
But you're perfect just the way you are

Yeah, no 1

No 1 is too young for love
I wanna make that clear
Even though I try to tame my feels
That's how I keep it real

The only thing I wanna see you laugh
And never make you cry, that's right
Well that's the truth, the fact, the bottom line

I always tryna' keep me cool in everything I do
But that all changed the day I saw the pic of you

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