Detroit Madness (Instrumental) Songtext - J Dilla

Detroit Madness (Instrumental) - J Dilla

Yeah, ah, Dilla, Ronnie Euro, Rebirth
Damn this shit sound good

Now through the shattered dreams
And the battle things, elaborous schemes
That’s where tragedy intervenes
It had to be a spleen, where that rusty bullet laid at
Somebody came through with the k, hit and blazed that
Packs of that elephant, macking my aliens
Stackers I’m selling shit, bumping big proof, in that dealership
Think about breathing by my head to flint
I represent the blades, the wipeouts
The day with the lights out and gas off
I’m the people champ, y’all still rapping that ass off
Why I feed them like focus hope believe that
It’s spoken for the rebirth, ancestors on they t shirts
Don’t nobody care you die for lions on that sweet verse
Tough meet that beef hurt, kid please do your research
On duke and ...till…there hurt
Heard you laid off, that’s why I’m back …need work

That’s just a Detroit madness, every hood USA
Where everything is tragic, it’s always a wild shit going off
Babies dying, it’s just a Detroit madness
Fuckers loosing they jobs, niggas riding …
Where everything is tragic, shit is crazy
That Detroit madness

Now everybody think they a boss
They shine with half loss, they don’t apologize
They say, my fault
No more crying, get you some tissue
No early dismiss you
Ronnie Euro tackle and issues
They loosing they homes, school funds and …
Wild west, ccw, where lady’s got pistols
Gotta different they self, fuck blowing a whistle
It’s criminal, the vibe mental chaos they put us too
Dave B cut the grass at the park so kids can go hoola hoo
And swing on the monkey bars
They go hungry and starve
For the money and the cars
Niggas find they self a custody charge
Cause they thought the …was mercury hard
And they ended up a luckily scar
Niggas out here praying the luxury guard
Like fuck regard, for life, in your dady’s facebook
Get you a … over that …

That’s just a Detroit madness, for real man, …where the young cats make it
Where everything is tragic
That’s just a Detroit madness , might run upon you in the streets man for real
Where everything is tragic, …be dying over stuff
That Detroit madness

Went from dedication to the suckers
The conversation with your mother
To elevating the others, my brother
You are the rebirth sound, and the cats hard
Will always be first down
Damn I’m missing them, coming from you real home boys
So I know that you listening
Looking in your mama’s eyes
Now I know what the mission is
My dukes anointed the queen now
Got her a team now
She walk, we join hands to hold damn team bout
It’s in the hands of real dudes that pay real dudes
All she do is make the call and we move
On everybody get linked with me, she was in the legacy
Not paying a treasury, I’ma be an accessory
It’s Ronnie Euro the legend
Paint the mirror money, … yeah

That’s just a Detroit madness, Detroit baby
Where everything is tragic, 8 million stories in the city
That’s just a Detroit madness , madness
Where everything is tragic, that Detroit madness
Shit is crazy

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