They Ain't JE Songtext - Jagged Edge

They Ain't JE - Jagged Edge

Don't get mad your girl chose me
J-E some PIMP's
They cool but they ain't J-E
They cool but they ain't J-E!
They ain't J-E, hey, hey

I got a problem with this girl and I need some help
She said she need a man like me to keep for herself
But I know she got a man,though she say she don't
C'mon girl keep it real we all grown folks
She said the truth for real is this
I done quit him, but he ain't quit me. No
Hope he ain't looking for no beef
So tell him you want me, he gotta leave
And y'all know, that I got love for my folks
And from Decatur to Mechanicsville, College Park is just so real
I just gotta let you know, that If you deal with me
Got nothing to do with R&B and all them songs that I wrote,
Ain't got no time to play around like clowns

Everybody know we put it down
Don't play with me!Your girl chose me!
So fix you face and steady replacing
I got folks in here, they in the place and
Don't be mistaken we down like a basement
We've been here for years this is just a taste test

And you can't be mad at me cause'
I'm so fly and your girl chose me!
It happened once to me sometimes your girl moves on and you gotta move on

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