Tease Songtext - Jamie Foxx

Tease - Jamie Foxx

C'mon, what?

[Verse 1: Jamie Foxx]
Excuse the hell out of me, but I'm not tryna use you
Wait 'fore you accuse me, but your body give me excuse to
Honey, chocolate sugar love, everything to please a dude
Babe and you are all the above, I got no choice but to choose you

[Hook: Jamie Foxx]
I want you bad, don't do that, I want you near me
I wan't you bad more than you know it
I want you with me
Is it necessary to tease?

[Verse 2: Jamie Foxx]
I can't tell you how to be, probably would amuse you
Leave be babe I'll follow me, can't afford to lose you
Candy rain, shower me, nourish me like good food
Girl your power over me, how could I refuse you?

I close my eyes, I hold my breath, imagine
Just what I mean when I say bad
I mean it in a good way, in passion
But I only have what you want me to have


[Bridge] + [Hook]

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