Curtains Songtext - Janet Jackson

Curtains - Janet Jackson

Ah, you seen my show
You followed my tour
I heard you scream with eighty thousand more
But tonight I close up my door in your room
Know I pull 'em out of the crowd and guess who

The band is in place
The cameras are set
I make sure we tape it so you don't forget
I'ma take control, take it slow so don't move
It's 'bout to come down so just wait for my cue

House lights go low
Spotlight up more
It's time so,
Just sit back and enjoy the show

[Chorus: 1]
Time to close the Curtains
Come on in the stage is set
Before the show starts Mic check
Tonight is so exclusive
We should make it Pay-Per-View

[Chorus: 2]
Time to close the curtains
I only take requests from you
Just tell me what you want me to do
I promise you, you'll be screaming out at home when I'm through

It's just the set
Choice in these steps
Lets take it somewhere we haven't been yet
Its gonna be kinda hard cause I can't always bring you
The crowd is screaming out I want more I hear you

How is your seat
Can you see everything?
Baby I don't want you miss anything
I'ma dedicate this next one to you cause you my number one fan
And I'm showing you love


[Chorus: 1]

[Chorus: 2]

Now's the perfect time for an intermission
If you need something to drink
Better get it by now (by now)
Gotta break it down (by now)
Cause' I don't want some, no more

Now I call You for the end of the show
Let me slow it down
I'm not ready to get off
As the finale's so don't open that door

[Chorus: 1]

[Chorus: 2]

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