I Never Knew You - Live Songtext - Jason Mraz

I Never Knew You - Live - Jason Mraz

[Verse 1]

Tell me a secret, tell me anything

What's your weapon? what's your middle name?

What do you believe in? what's your animal?

Are you a cat or a dog person?

What's your outlook? what's your favorite saying?

Hey, maybe you laugh, maybe you laugh a lot

Maybe you started, but you somehow quit the part mm

And you may be a hippie and a democrat

Yeah I remember that, I think

And you might like wine, but you're not the type who likes to drink


What made me forget everything i know?

All my beliefs, replaced by scenarios

Of unintelligent life, echoing in stereo

On invisible mics, winding to my mind

So I would like another look inside you

Yeah I would love the chance to love you, like I've never known you

[Verse 2]

Yeah, maybe you're sleeping on a telephone

And maybe you're dreaming of an anglophone with a crooked smile

And maybe your profile, posts a brand new nose

And maybe your new job, it requires that you cannot wear any clothes


[Verse 3]

Maybe your favorite color is brown

And maybe your crying and you're not sure why

Maybe you're living in a whole new town

And maybe you're back with your old boyfriend and you're busy going down

What made me forget everything

All my beliefs, are my memories

All the episodes of you, especially the ones that hurt

And the few that made me laugh

Well I can't get them back

That's why I'm asking for some more of you now

Yes I would love the chance to love you

And I would love to love you!



I would, I would, I would love to look inside of you

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