Tramp of Love Songtext - Jay Smith

Tramp of Love - Jay Smith

Tramp of love

I've Carped all the Diems of this world
Jumped on every wagon in my search
Still I have a mind that's restless
Still I'm hooked on this nameless mistress
God bless
All I know is that I'm never satisfied
Driven by this urge, with no clue why
Inside of me is a silent cry
Conjured by the demons of my mind

I'm just a lonely child
Tryin' to find some place to be
I only stay a while
(cause) I'm a soul who's got to be free
I'm the Driftwood Nightingale – and tonight I'll sing for you
And I'll rest my head – and I'll share your bed
But when the morning comes
This tramp of love is gone

I've worked all the level in the war of my life
I'm an expert in the art of alternative strife
There's always a place where the grass is greener
And the chicks are pretty and the air is cleaner
I'm just a lonely child…

I'm another lonely child
Trying to fill my empty room
And I will walk a thousand miles
To find comfort in (close to) your womb
I'm just a lonely child…

I've nothing more than the stars above
Like a full blood tramp of love

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