Ni**as In Paris Songtext - JAY Z

Ni**as In Paris - JAY Z

SKR let me define it

South Kak Rebel still remain defient
Underrated but ill still fluxuate the climate
Talkin north pole cole zip up ya hyvent
Can you even register half the stuff that I vent
Just then to ascend like advent raising
Bringing evil to your residents like da tyrant
Flip my lid pressurized flow like a hydrant so that makes me suited for the hose
Live line on ladder 49, she's sliding down the pole
And that should be the Headline, cuz thats something they know
Keep the opposition's vision obsolete therefore thats OVO
Triangulate my position from using spokeo
Southern rapper but my influence was sent from Tokyo
Hajmemashite to my foes with no intro just ikuzo
You been Dismissed gone slit your let it trickle slow

That shit cray I propose a a toast
I been relentless on mt olympus

With Sparta's Ghost

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