Deep Thoughts Songtext - Jerrod Niemann

Deep Thoughts - Jerrod Niemann

Can you imagine being a guy ladybug?
Where will I be ten years from now?
Hell, where will I be ten minutes from now?
If I was a crystal in a cave, would I be a stalagtite, or a stalagmite?
Why would they ever make a bakers dozen beer, when there's thirteen of us? wow
So if it takes the sunlight eight minutes to travel the earth,
That means that we actually have eight minutes of light? ask why.
Why am I asking so many questions?
You know, with all this controversy with lead, why is there still number two lead pencils out there?
Why did I ever leave college? I miss college
I miss Miss. Carter, I miss Miss carter
Why am I talking to myself in the microphone, with lots of reverb on?

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