Remember That Songtext - Jessica Simpson

Remember That - Jessica Simpson

Verse 1
How he told you, you were stupid
How he coulden't even look at you anymore
How he told you, you were crazy
How he got out of the car and slammed the door

He said you cant do anything right
Why you gotta make me so mad
Just get outta my sight
Remember that

When its 3am and he's at your door
And he wants you back
And he's begging for forgivness
Remember that
When your phone keeps ringing all night long
And that same old weakness gets so strong
That your helpless
Remember that

Verse 2
How he pushed you in the hallway
Just enough to hurt a little bit
The whisky and his whispers
And the lies the fell so easy from his lips

He said he'll never do it again
But he can take it back
The proof is on your skin
Remember that

It dosen't matter how he hurts you
With his hands or with his words
You dont deserve it
He aint worth it
Take your heart and run
Just run

Your gonna be alright
Take it from me
I stood there in your shoes

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