To Love & Die Songtext - Jhene Aiko

To Love & Die - Jhene Aiko

[Produced by Fisticuffs]

[Verse 1]
Suited and booted, I've been hit by Cupid
I'm being recruited
I'm ready for more, I'm ready for war
Hold your position, load up ammunition
I won't fail this mission
Cause baby I'm yours

Cause where I'm from
We live by the love, die by the love
We live for the love, die for the love
I live for you, love, die for you, love

[Verse 2]
Now many men
Many, many, many men, wish death upon me
Have mercy on me
Cause I'm just a prisoner of your army of one
But I'll fight to the death or until your heart is won


[Verse 3]
Which side? This side, you should switch sides
On that acting like a bitch side by the way
You need to switch sides right away
(We can live forever, maybe die today)
Love side, hate side, never in-between
That's what we stand for, y'all fall for anything
Westside, Westside, by the way
Live forever for love or you can die today


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