Amen Songtext - JME

Amen - JME

[Verse 1: Jme]
I get deep on the dubs
Vocals never sound weak on the dubs
Man say they wanna hear me dubs on the dubs
I can spit fast like D Doubs on the dubs
My dubs are deep like this is mums on the dubs
Your dubs are cheap like paying subs on the dubs
Hear my voice in the clubs on the dubs
Show em like a guy called Pub on the dubs

[Verse 2: Skepta]
I can't explain what I think when I drink
Might say "I love you" to a link when I drink
Might vomit in the sink when I drink
Chew gum so my breath don't stink when I drink
The ladies think that I ain't stink when I drink
Cause I move cold like an ice rink when I drink
I spend more than a pink's when I drink
Can't make a big stack of money shrink

[Verse 3: Jme]
It gets peak on the streets
Us man never look weak on the streets
Man say they can't see me on the streets
In the X6, not an X3 on the streets
I keep it G like Prez T on the streets
I'm out for P like OG'z on the streets
Raw like a cat for the P on the streets
Pray that you never see me on the streets

[Verse 4: Shorty]
Shorty, my face is bait in the ends
Man move bent, not straight in the ends
Could've been Batman with a cape in the ends
Being the badman is late in your ends
And the ends won't love if you fake in the ends
Everybody wants a slice of the cake in the ends
Careful how you pick your mates in the ends
And we'll bust your head like grapes in the ends

[Verse 5: Jme]
I make dough on the roads
Fully grown like Frisco on the roads
See Jme or Joe on the roads
Shooting, but not a video on the roads
You're nobody, like John Doe on the roads
I run the roads live, I go on the roads
No snitching is the code of the roads
Don't act like you ain't been told on the roads

[Verse 6: Frisco]
Frisco, yeah, I'm a beast in a judgement
You don't wanna buck up with me in a judgement
Anytime I might creep in a judgement
Trust me, it could get peak in a judgement
In a judgement, get lost in a judgement
Dun know, it's more than a lot in a judgement
Don't buck up in a judgement war
Cause you will get more judgement than a judgement

[Verse 7: Jme]
I get paid in the rave
With Junior and James in the rave
Most of the man dem blaze in the rave
In the crowd or onstage in the rave
I done the rave with 18 in the rave
A gun will make it unsafe in the rave
Buss up the mic and cave in the rave
And my Boy Better Know team bait in the rave

[Verse 8: Jammer]
Boy Better Know I'm the ting in my life
Always got a big grin in my life
Music is the main thing in my life
Yeah, I'm Charlie Sheen, I win in my life
These youts ain't been where I've been with my life
They try take my life, put a knife in my life
Pain and strife in my life
But God's always on my side

[Verse 9: Jme]
I don't give a damn when I skank
You would've thought that I drank when I skank
I don't even know who I am when I skank
Buss moves that I didn't know I had when I skank
I'm a woop swag, brang-dang-dang when I skank
Man are coming like the boom gang when I skank
If you don't join and skank when I skank
Then Boy Better Know, just jam

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