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Calm - JME

[Intro: Jme]
How I stay out of peoples' way, or how people stay out of my way
Issues and confrontations
It's because I don't let nobody be in control of me
I'm in control, that's the main reason
And I don't let nobody be in control or I'm going to lash back out at them for something they've done
Some of them are even smarter than that, they'll see you're in a powerful position and they'll bred you and then have issues with you later
I don't even accept the bred, I tell man don't even accept the bred bruv

[Hook: Jme]
Dem boys are idiots, we don't watch them
Dem boys are idiots, we don't watch them
Dem boys are pants, we don't really care
They stand and stare, foot to the floor and we're out of here
Calm, calm, calm

Trust me, I don't accept the bred

[Verse 1: Jme]
So far had minimal drama
Close shaves but I'm not a barber
Don't question my objective from you know who's in my collective
So calm, couldn't be calmer
Feeling good, could it be karma?
You don't rate me? That's objective
If you could see from my perspective
Man ain't got time for that!
You're not near me rudeboy, mind the gap
Please, you don't wanna fall on a track with me
You're not in the trap, but you're trapped in G
You do not fool me, nah not at all, see
There's nothing you can teach me, let alone school me
So carry on doing your ting, but just know, man don't care about all that

[Hook: Jme]


[Verse 2: Jme]
I could be anywhere, there's draw outs
Man are bredding me just to fall out
Try bred, I ain't accepting
I keep it moving on a respect ting
My name is bait, so you wanna call out
If I'm alone, you better go all out
One man up is a next ting but now you're with your goons you're vexing
Rudeboy calm yourself, push too much you'll harm yourself
Fam, come like you're dying to get near man
I dunno wagwan for your intentions fam
You do not know me but you wanna show that you're on the roads
But fam I don't care, there ain't a single man on the face of the earth I fear
So I ain't hearing all that!

[Hook: Jme]

[Verse 3: Jme]
Man don't wear no watch on my arm
Look at my phone, I can see wagwan
Time, date, set my alarm
I don't watch money, I invest that, calm
Might see me with Solo in Farm
With Grinder rolling through Narm
Might see me out with the wife in Yarm
Or see me on foot on my ones, calm
Don't pose up like you modelling garms
See me on road, spud, gwarn
Taking a pic can't do no harm
But just ask man first, calm
Can't chat shit when I'm here, calm
I might connect your face to my palm
Or elbow cause it works a charm
So just keep it moving, calm

[Hook: Jme]

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