Darker (Intro) (feat. Trigga) Songtext - JME

Darker (Intro) (feat. Trigga) - JME

[Verse 1]
Fucking (gangster)
Yeah you know me and my brother (Skepta)
And you know Trigga from (Manchester)
Yeah he's the nigger on in a (corner)
Yo, Wiley the (godfather)
Grime originator
Big lyrics (squeezer)
My bloodline fam
Big H the (soldier)
Danny's big bro Pablo (Paper)
Don't let me bring Frisco fucking (darker)
Boss man with a laser on the (Luger)
Jammer or Shorty fucking (ninja)
Or Prezident T, fucking (danger)
Send me a beat from (Silencer)
Fling me in a studio, vocal (chamber)
I creep on the riddim like a night (hunter)
Or burn down the track like a lyric (shooter)
Like Klashnekoff, you know it's (murder)
You know I come with the next (flavour)
Bars for the radio, bars for the (raver)
If you ain't got that don't come round here
I roll round your ends matte black (beamer)
Matte black doors, matte black (bumper)
Matte black bonnet, call me matte black (rider)
Dunknow I'm a (flexer)
No indirects cos I'm not a (bender)
If I've got qualms, dial up your (number)
You see my name on the screen of your (Nokia)
Badman time
Shadow Demon Coalition
Boy Better Know
Hot stepper

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