Don't @ Me Songtext - JME

Don't @ Me - JME

[Hook: Jme]
Fam, don't @ me
If you're gonna chat shit, don't @ me
Fall back a likkle bit, don't @ me
I am not having it, don't @ me
You will get blocked quick, don't @ me
With your default pic, don't @ me
Delete all that shit, don't @ me
I have to tell these pricks "don't @ me"

[Verse 1: Skepta]
Hi hater
Why you wanna diss man online then say "hi" later
I already said don't waste my time
Now I've gotta tell 'em don't waste my data
I don't wanna write a diss track for an MC
Nah, I don't wanna waste my paper
I used to care 'bout certain man
Sold my Rolex, no time on my hand
Boy Better Know, that's my gang
You and I have got different plans
You're trying to look bouji in Milan
I'll be eating sushi in Japan
Man chat shit on my timeline
No long ting, I block man then I report spam
You're butters, so just jam
Or turn on your location if you're a bad boy, you prick

[Hook: Jme]

[Verse 2: Frisco]
Don't chat to me nah, don't @ me
I'm a darg, why would you wanna cat me?
Couple girls along the way try trap me
They failed, word to Natalie
I'm my own boss, who's gonna sack me?
If a man violates Jme's durag truss me, you're gonna get beat up badly, oh so badly
Don't @ me, block them, I spot them out like acne
Hot them man, box them up on the backstreet
I'm on my toes like an athlete
And you ain't been in no war, you're just a likkle Cat D
Writing off MCs, that's me
And I ain't gotta say what the best out, you know why?
I'll just let the facts speak

[Hook: Jme]

[Verse 3: Shorty]
Don't @ me, fall back a likkle bit, take a backseat
You can't keep up, do you need a taxi
Man wanna @ me, but it's not that deep
Manna move shaky, ask Maxi
Act up, get a slap from black-chi
Man said he's gonna catch me on the backstreets
Man wanna @ me but it's not that deep
Its not that deep, it's not that though
You better know yourself, fall back bro
I'm cool when I walk in my hometown
Man said they're looking for me, where they at though?
Where they at though? I can't see nothing
When the night here fam its like free one
You better know yourself when you come round here cause this is the scene that we run

[Hook: Jme]

[Verse 4: Jme]
I spit bars straight up like Dapz
Trust me, not in a riddle
Spit so much you might see a little dribble
Bars that I spat when I was little
Went over your head like piggy in the middle
I was on tunes with Napa and shizzle
Still no label ain't got my scribble
So if you chat shit, straight dismissal
I will leave it like Leth to the Bizzle
Leave it like peri peri drizzle
Leave it like fans that are fickle
Leave it simple, fam are you deaf
Like that black figure with the sickle?
Pap pap pap, yeah, hit 'em with the triple
Until you hear that tinnitus whistle
Make a jaw swing like you're on dizzle
Actually, fam

[Hook: Jme]

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