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Game - JME

[Verse 1]
So I'm on the M1, cruising slow
True say there's a little bit of snow
Just passed Sheffield junction
There's no street lights so visibility's low
Me and the wife in cruise control
Laughing, joking, everything's blessed
The right-hand lane's uncharted territory
Everyone's on the left
But man's in a four wheel drive
So I get brave and I stay on the right
The snow gets thick and the car slips
To the left, I smashed the windscreens in bits
Soon as I gain control of the whip
Pull over, assess the damage and shit
She's alright and I'm the same
But trust me, it ain't a game

It ain't a game, it ain't a game
It ain't a game, it ain't a game
It ain't a game, it ain't a game
It ain't a game, it ain't a game

[Verse 2]
The first day Dan got his CBR
Filled up the tank and came straight to my yard
Smiling ear to ear, revving hard
Like he's just got a Dark Charizard
Skepta went round the block three times
Came back, him and Dan went inside
I thought why not? The weather's fine
Fuck it, let me go for a ride
I was riding slow but the weather turned quick
I turned too low in the rain and slipped
I broke the gear shift, got it fixed
But for that whole week I know Dan was pissed
But he didn't say a thing, real bredrin
Trust me, fam, I learnt my lesson
And from that day, I'll definitely say that
Bruv, it ain't a game


[Verse 3]
I'm an Xbox man, fam, FPS
Badman on any FPS
I'mma get a PC so I can leng man on
120 FPS
I don't really play RPGs
All of your lyrics are PG
Man wanna war me, I will rocket jump over man
With an RPG
Fam, I have to let them know
I ain't spent time on the MMO
But if I did, I would take off headtops
Make man at home alt then control
Trust, I said I got bare XP
Me and my Gs outlive bare MCs
Love this life, not for the name
Or for the fame, it ain't a game


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