Over Me Songtext - JME

Over Me - JME

Over Me
Over me there's not one over
I'm overweight yeah one tonne over
Every beat you talk about gun over
Stop mc'ing and don't come over
When I MC the crowd get won over
Yep you and your crew get spun over
Over Me

Like hot wheels you'll get run over
Any little thing man get bun over
Trust me fam that's your fun over
You can't wait for the day that I'm over
On this beat you'll get flung over
Not me, that bit get sung over
Over Me
You can't get over me

I get bookings from here to Hanover
You MCs don't get brang over
I bring Skepta, Gritz and Jamm over
You can't afford to fly man over
Over budget?Yeah one grand over
I take sand to the beach bring Ann over
Over Me

I can't be ignored like a hangover
Cause' every beat I sound nang over
Half o' dem I don't get mad over
This bass will knock your gran over
On pro evo you'll get bang over
I'll make man have to pass that pad over
Over Me
You can't get over me

I'm quick, like Denilson step-over
On the next level, you can't get over
You MCs I don't threat over
I got bars you get upset over
You wanna bet grime won't get let over?
I'm the guy you'll lose your bet over
Over Me

I got a show in France, jet over
Or the Euro star, wet over
Promoter can't pass no debt over
There the tings i'll break your neck over
Most little things I don't pet over
But I want cash don't post no check over
Over Me
You can't get over me

Any qualms i'll bust your chin over
You can't sing on the tune man sing over
Your moving slow, I wing over
Your not ready for the vibe that I bring over
Trust me I've done shows in over 20 countries you ain't been over
Over me

When I'm here don't bring your ting over
Cause' your girlfriends heart i'll win over
She's deep in love i'll swim over
She'll go head over heels and spin over
Come to mine tonight, your staying over
Check mate I took your king over
Over me
You can't get over me

Over me
You can't get over me

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