Same Thing Songtext - JME

Same Thing - JME

I'm just doing the same thing
I just keep doing the same thing
I'm just doing the same thing
I just keep doing the same thing

[Verse 1]
I've been there and I've done that
And I'm done with all this gun chat
I'm not mainstream, I'm underground
I've gone nowhere so I can't come back
Cause I stayed here, on my Js
Now you man can't look in my face
They've tried me, but I won't change
My music just to get paid
Fuck a label, fuck an A&R
Fuck radio
They don't care what I've gotta say so
They don't give a shit about how I make dough
Why everyone breads them, fam, I don't know
I only care about my supporters
They show love when they come to my show
So I make sure that I'm doing the same thing

Trust me, and I ain't ever stopped bruv
They support me and I'm not even a football team fam
They wanna hear this and I wanna make this


[Verse 2]
I've been there and I've done that
I've spent Ps, now I've got my funds back
Now I'm grinding on this grime ting
I go mad like techno viking
I do my ting, I don't watch face
I put stones in my Casio watch face
IPod with a digital clock face
Now tell me grime don't pay
I will never live life beyond my means
Content with what I had in my teens
Anything I get right now is a bonus
Dem man get overcome with greed
If it ain't broke, it don't need fixing
I ain't broke so I won't make a shit single, it's a joke
Man are putting out music like a hoax


[Verse 3]
Well well well, you man keep hating
I come back, same flow, I ain't changing
With the same durag and the same grin
I ain't ramping, this ain't a skate park
Wanna do music? Yeah, it takes heart
Real talk, this is business
I don't just chat, fam, I live this
Teeza production

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