Sidetracked (feat. Wiley) Songtext - JME

Sidetracked (feat. Wiley) - JME

[Bridge: Wiley]
Gotta get back to my life again
Don't wanna be sidetracked living my life on the edge, oooh ii (x4)

[Verse 1: JME]
I gotta get back to my life again, don't wanna be sidetracked
Arguing at radio for man to give me the mic back
Right that's it, right now I should be doing a show with a live band
But I can't be bothered tonight and what
Who's going to tell me I can't stop?
I gotta get back to my life for real
I make music, I ain't trying to kill
I gotta turn up when I'm on the bill
A thousand thousands inside a mill
A million pounds is when I sign a deal
I had a few offers but I didn't sign cause they were minor still, no lie

[Hook: Wiley]
Felt the pain I was feeling low
Felt like I had no where to go
No one to turn to
And I ain't going to ask for your help mmmm
Nobody said it was an easy road
Now when it's with me it turns to gold
I got hits for the radio and hits for the disco tech mmmm (x2)

[Bridge: Wiley]

[Verse 2: JME]
Felt the pain I was feeling low
Felt like I had nowhere to go
Yeah I know, I been feeling this way for a year or so
I can't even get off my arse
Walk to the shops get some cheerios,
I talk to my pops but he don't hear me though
My music rocks spots, still wears the dole
Top of the pops
Felt the pain I was feeling bad
I could of punched through the ceiling man
But instead I got the keys to the beemer like beenie man
When I look in the mirror I see a man
Not a boy, I'm a winner
I really can, do anything, I put my mind to
Cause I'm an educated Nigerian

[Hook: Wiley]

[Bridge: Wiley]

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