Taking Over Songtext - JME

Taking Over - JME

[Produced by Preditah]

[Verse 1]
Where has everybody gone?
I'm not on that hype that everybody's on
Same old lame old plain old blatant shame when you find out (it ain't working)
One for the Bassbox Crew, Krispy Kreme, McD's drive-thru
I never lost the thirst to be first, I will not waste a second and come second
Some idiots prefer to be third, better fix up before you come fourth
Fifth and sixth is a myth, deep shit like this bass riff
This one is not for the radio, it's a private shubs
Man can wear hats or hoods, no Uggs
It's not a lean-up ting
I don't have a boss so nobody can tell me there's a clean up in aisle five
Cause I'll drive straight to your door, then I'll spinning piledrive your face to the floor
You're a useless piece of shit like when an iPhone is dead
Man are going all out trying to take my spot, they should have stayed at home instead
Go on then like Joseph said, I make noise on the road like a Koenigsegg
You can join us man murking, but if you wanna take over? It ain't working

[Hook (x8)]
It ain't working

[Verse 2]
(It ain't working) Jeez, but it works here, that's easy to see, that's cause I'm just me being me
Literally don't have to do anything to maintain my heat on the street
I make tunes and I'm lucky for the Ps
If I quit that's unhealthy for the scene
Merchandise is back, snapback black, quality, see what I mean?
Inside silk like the feel of my sheets
With Serious, oblique on the peak
Exercise my plan Bs on the Cs
Course, music Gs gotta eat
Treat producers like prostitutes
Give them P for a beat
Some of these man can speak for a week but their bars are basically selling dreams
Their life is so shit, so they invent any reason to beef
These 25p cheap MCs acting like wealthy celebrities
If you buy into any of these mans' lifestyles - keep your receipts
Flexing like an evil beast, but really underneath he's a chief
I came from the school of Leth-to-the-B, I came from the school of D Double E
If you don't like G-R-I-M-E, then you've got no taste like vegan cheese
You can be murking, but taking over ain't working, oh please

[Hook (x8)]

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