The Money Songtext - JME

The Money - JME

[Intro: Jme]
You know when you've gone way past the negotiation stage?

[Verse 1: Jme]
I cannot make money and still make sense
Fuck your pounds, fuck your pence
Fuck your dollars, fuck your cents
Fuck your euros, you fucking spenks
Just cause you're paying me Ps
You can't change the bullshit Jme sees
Any funny stuff, it's weighing in season
Take him straight to A&E, please
I perform and you have to pay
Equal service at the end of the day
But I know what you think, you thought
Cause you've got the Ps, the ball's in your court
But it ain't, man will pop that ball with a shank
Don't ring me, I'll block that call and blank you for days
I've got Ps in the bank anyway
I could never be a tramp, I bathe

I don't want the money anymore
I don't want the money anymore
Changed my mind, I'll have to withdraw
I don't want the money anymore
I don't want the money anymore

[Verse 2: Wiley]
When Jme speaks, I know what Jme means
A few bundlings going on in the scene
It might look like I'm living my dreams
But you should see how they control an MC
I understand you're gonna pay me
But you don't pay me for what made me
Make the underground hate me?
Then I've gotta spray bars and make em rate me
(I don't want the money anymore)
That's the zone where it might take me
If I'm on a deal and I feel chained up
Then bro, I've gotta break free
When you spray bars for a living
Everybody wanna know who you're seeing lately
I know A&Rs who made certain artists
But they never made me


[Verse 3: Jme]
You know, you get to that turning point though
Didn't speak but you had a burning point though
Was gonna turn up but you turned down though
Never thought that you would ever turn down dough
Money don't make you, you make money
ABBA told me that money is funny
Jessie J told me it's not about the price tag
Sam Smith ain't got money on his mind, fam
Biggie told me more money, more problems
But I know less money don't solve them
So I make a few hits, then try to make a bit
And I don't let anybody tell me shit
I've got a sick flow and I know what I'm worth
I'm not a thick soul just roaming in the earth
You will get rickrolled if you try bring your purse
Have to pay for the team like Kane said
But we don't respect the ting


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