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Work - JME

Hard work pays off
If you want something, work towards it
Work hard, the harder you work the faster you'll get what you wanna get

[Verse 1]
The only time you've got TT is if you drink Typhoo and Tetley
My flow's so sick it will uppercut Kimbo Slice, Jackie Chan and Jet Li
You people are gonna respect me, bet I'll make you respect me
This flow's deadly, it will resurrect Bruce Lee to be the famous Deadly
The only day that I don't put in work is the 30th of February
Do not fuck with my money, it can be ten bags or 10p
I used to live off my overdraft but now my account is never empty
All my supporters rep me and half of them ain't even met me

Gotta put in that work
Cos I'm putting in work
You gotta put in that
Man are putting in work
You gotta put in that work
Cos I'm putting
In work
You gotta put in that work
Man are putting in work

[Verse 2]
I wear snowboarding boots to festivals, you can't tell me about style
You're drinking your lager out on the field...but your name ain't Karl
All the shit you do I've done but I ain't touched alcohol in a while
I used to blaze, I turned 21 then I dropped the munk out just like Jahmaal (what)
I moved on and I dropped smokey out, just like Jamal
I'm the eighth wonder of the world so come see me not the Taj Mahal
You want that Beemer you want that Merc, money, cars, clothes
Those are the perks but to get there you gotta put in that work


[Verse 3]
To those who don't know me, hello
You think you control me? N O
I'm one of the best artists in the world and I leave other MCs below
If you ain't heard of me, hello
Keep up, stop moving S-low
Boy wanna know what Boy Better Know means, for you to find out and for me to know
If you know my face salute, parlais vous français, salut
Je m'appelle JME, let me show you 'round this jungle like Baloo
When you next see my face salute, if not here's some air for you
If it kicks off then jump in first, don't care if it hurts, man put in that work


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