Hazeus View Songtext - Joey Bada$$

Hazeus View - Joey Bada$$

Will I see you through my Hazeus View?

Will I see you through my Hazeus View?

Will I see you through my Hazeus

My Hazeus, my Hazeus , my Hazeus, my Hazeus view?

[Verse 1]
You ain't running with the apes yet

Apex at the empire state neck
Hand no crown, my niggas take that
In this state of mind, gotta state facts suspect nigga
Get your wig pushed back tonight, to 1999

Who'd've thought that 19 I might be in my prime
Thought of the right scheme everything else align
Here's a penny for your thoughts another one another one
Eventually the dream was bought
Now that's a real, real, real mind fuck
Might fuck up your mind if you're lighting up
Make sure the ting is tight enough

If you tough - Imma titan, like Zeus I enlighten them
Kick flows, till it's kung-fu fighting them
Is it him, it is you who was nice as him?

I don't see nobody no, no

I don't see nobody no, no

[Hook x2]
And we probably share a trait or two

But I can't see what I can't relate to

Hey Jesus will I ever get to see you through my Hazeus View?

[Verse 2]
You rap niggas ain't safe yet
I keep the bombs in my basement

When I detonate you can feel the vibrations
I got your mind shaking, am I right?

My light gon spark for generations
One day my voice will be heard on every radio station

Cause fake to real ratio changing and it's
Everyday living in this life I see

That in every way they wanna see my life decease
But I survive the question is for how long
Since my homie died, I been tryin to hold on
The happy days of my life is now all gone

But I cope with that weed I smoke and writing these songs
But it's should I stay should I go? Oh!

Should I stay should I go? Oh!
I don't know, I don't know

Lord please let me know


[Verse 3]
Every thing cool like in the state of mind

That this state of mine correct, cool, calm, collect
Deflect the corrupt with intellect
I talk too much, the jig is up he has risen up
From a division of most kings

With their vision, positioned for precision
It's mind splittin' and soul upliftin'
But still feel so trapped in the solar system


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