No. 99 Songtext - Joey Bada$$

No. 99 - Joey Bada$$

[Produced By: Statik Selektah]

What's my name? What's my name?


What's my name? What's my name?


What's my name? What's my name?


What's my name? What's my name?


What's my motherfuckin'...

[Verse 1]
Ready to bust my gun, I'm rushin' in like Vladimir Putin
What you want son? Fuck a rou-, let's get shootin'
The 47 Goonz recruitin', join or die
We comin' for groups of guys in suits and ties

Who choose to hide truth from the eye
Grab a white collar by his white evil eye
Fight or flight, yo, that's just what it is
When you see a pig, hit him in his baby back ribs
But don't trip, I'm just another black kid, caught up in the mix
Tryna make a dollar outta 47 cents
Yo, this shit is intense, a dumb cop stoppin' me, probably

Cause he's still livin' in the past tense, how shit was back then

They wanna see the downfall of all black men

And African, I was sent to put action in
But what's new when the po keep flashin' in?

News flash niggas, get a news flash


[Verse 2]
These niggas ain't ready for the war

Know what I'm 'bout, cut the cheddar, close your drawer

Please put your bread up
We ain't gon' settle for no iceberg lettuce

Let us eat when there's war
Or end up like venison meat in the street

They're not ready for beef
Let the fish burn in the pot, niggas all in the spot

When it turns 12 'o clock then, we'll be curvin' the block

Yo cut this shit

Man, I'm the best in the sector
Get your ear buds to grip, then I dissect ya

Inject ya with my lethal weapon

Plant a mine in the deepest section, guess who's least expected

Mothafucka please respect it
The last one to pull my card was easily dealt with

They felt it, the shift, records can't be reckoned with

On tracks wreckin' shit, ask me why I'm reckless
Break a wrist, approach my demo with a risk

Brought my demo listens, I'm a demolition specialist
I got the blueprint to this shit, Jay to the Oh Vee
If Blue was a prince, I'm still Joseph Kony
Niggas know they can't ever little bro me

No matter how big they blow, they still a little below
It's the P-R-O E-R-A, indigo with the killer flow
Guaranteed the realest that you ever saw


[Verse 3]
The badmon young kingpin

I move dope with that ink pen
Been up all night, my third eye ain't even blinking
Fuck what you thinkin'
Number 99, never trust no swine
Lick a shot one time


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