O.C.B. Songtext - Joey Bada$$

O.C.B. - Joey Bada$$

These are the only child blues

The only child blues

The only child who? yo yo yo

[Verse 1]
Back once again, hello it's yo' favorite mellow schizo
The pavement on this yellow brick road

Fuckin' up my mental
My mood just like the tempo
Heartbeat, that instrumental
I never lack potential

Every track is essential
Every project is special, abundant and fundamental
Give a fuck about hundreds

As long as it's for my mental
With wisdom from what I've been through

Knowledge that some can't get to

Understanding that college is only out for a nickel
It could all be so simple
Tune it to the metronome
This how I used to feel back on the metro home
Fresh outta class I knew these days, they wouldn't last
Just a stepping stone I gotta pass

Another story for the lap
But fuck it, give him glory when he crash
He gettin' revved up, heads up

And he's coming fast

He paved the lane before the cash

They tryna swerve me out of that
But I don't just got speed, nigga

I handle my ass, pedal to the gas

Life is but a getaway dash
My mama stash guarded by my pen and pad

I'm drawin' weapons with the raps
You shoot, I shoot back no questions asked
Raise your hands for the realest cat alive

The only child blues

The only child who? Yo

[Verse 2]
And I remember sittin' in my room all alone

Starring at my ceiling fan, getting in my zone
Mama was never home
Woke up one morning, papa was gone
Young and lost so I ease my mind to popular songs

And of course I sold my mind to music
Writing everything I thought

Started openin' my mind, then I send it abroad
They don't know what my ascending has caused
My third eye been blinking since

Irv Gotti been inking murderous thoughts

At least that's how Irv gotta be thinking
If I'm takin' a loss and I'm better next week
And I'm never weaker
Never sinking on the fucking deep end
Any shit I missed I prolly peeped it

These are the only child blues

The only child who?

The only child blues

What, The only child blues

These are the only child who?

The only child blues

[Outro] x2
Only child blues, OCB OCB
Jo-Vaughn clean your room, OCD OCD
I used to wanna be like ODB ODB
Now I'm a rap star, OMG OMG

[Outro skit]
Everything is perception

Your perception of yourself or who you are is not what other people think that you are

So like for instance, you might say "I'm cool, I don't wear jewelry, I don't this, I don't that"

You don't have to

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