World Domination Songtext - Joey Bada$$

World Domination - Joey Bada$$

[Produced by MF Doom]

[Intro: Sample]
Say Brain, what do you wanna do tonight?
The same thing we do every night Pinky
Try to take over the world

(Joey) Who the fuck is this Joey Bada$$ nigga son?

Aye yo who the fuck passed you the mic
And said that you could flow?
Point 'em out bitch I wanna know
Who the fuck passed you the mic?


[Verse 1]
Puffin' on stramonium
Underground like potholes but going fossil
These bars like art in the Smithsonian
These flows is for custodians, homeless men, horny OBGYN dudes
Browsing my laptop lookin' at red fallopian tube
They like "Yo Joey you rude"
I'm like "If only you knew I'm only in school for cosmology
That's why I act as lonely as you"
You see I'm wise behind my years and my peers
So my voice over the snares is the only way they hear
What I got behind my membrane, but I've been smoking chem strains
So lately I've been having hard times with remembering
But be patient, my studies prove Egyptians ancient
Cause I believe that we could be like Neo in the Matrix
But fuck it, I'm erratic, momma lock me in the attic please
Til I draw enough static in my somatic anatomy
And come out imputed with fusions of Blueprints and Illmatics
I’ve been going raw, this just how I feel rappin'
We gave y'all sur' tactics, so y'all can’t even gas us
We taught you how to be prepared but still attacking the masses
Y'all better get y'all caskets cause we ‘bout to annihilate
(The New Babylon Era) My empire gate’s in the Empire State
I’m on the higer platform, look at the way they clap for ‘em
Never fuck with phony men cause I don’t like my back torn
Nigga ask kwon - this that top ramen' you ain’t used to
Keep it neutral to scruple and tell ‘em no beef like noodles!!

Keep it neutral, just so you can scruple

I tell ‘em no beef like noodles
It’s world domination, (nation) you’re tuned into my station
Always got a doobie and a motherfucking eighth lit
Always got the trees, so what the fuck you mean
I ain’t about to rise to the top with my fucking team

[Hook 2x]

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