Cross The Line Songtext - John Legend

Cross The Line - John Legend

Only just a friend,
The love story begins,
Now here's a happy ending to believe in.
And always there for me,
Now you're with me in my dreams
It's got me wondering if you ever,
Dream of me.
I don't wanna risk losing everything.
But I'll take the chance and tell you what I'm thinking.

Girl, you'll be my best friend,
Can we put this to bed then?
Tonight's the night
To cross the line
Baby won't you be mine?
Not just my home girl
Time that I take you home girl
Tonight's the night
To cross the line
Let me love you tonight.
I, I, I

Kiss, kiss, kiss me on my lips
We've been dancing 'round the moment
Now we're doing it.
Breathe, breathe.
And sigh your sweet relief
We've been holding it so long,
The wait was killing me.
Oh and we, are what we, have been waiting for.
So baby, open your mind, while I close the door.


Don't let this moment just slip away.
Cause we'll never know, unless we try someday
If you're ready, I'm so ready
Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night.

[Chorus: x2]

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