Let's Get Lifted Songtext - John Legend

Let's Get Lifted - John Legend

I've got something new for you
When it gets you won't know what to do
Relax, let me move you
Don't resist its in the air
Just one taste will take you there
Let it flow right through you
I know you're getting tired of the same ole thing
Imma break the rules gonna change the game
You'll be screaming my name
And imma take you places you neva seen
You couldn't picture this in your wildest dreams
Don't fear you're here with me

Let's get lifted
Ohh Imma get you high
I'm really gonna blow your mind
We'll get lifted (lifted)
You're gonna feel it in you're soul
And baby you will lose control
We'll get lifted (high)
Ohhh ohhhh

Once you take a hit of this
You won't ever want to quit
You'll be so addicted
Said I'll have you spinning round and round
Crazy, making freaky sounds
You won't want to come down
And I'll have you seeing things and hallucinating
Even walking funny 'cause you're legs are shaking
All night we'll be blazin'

I'll take you for a walk to the other side
We can get high and enjoy the ride
Hold tight we'll be alright


So come and go
(so much I want to show you I'll take you there)
Yeah, I'll take you there
Lemme take you there
Said I will show you
(so much I want to show you I'll take you high)
There's so much I want to show ya
I'll take you high

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