Quickly Songtext - John Legend

Quickly - John Legend

Oh you said it
Oh yea

[Verse 1]
If I had twenty million dollars in a vault somewhere baby, it wouldn't matter anyway
Cause the doctor told me that I'm dying slowly
So I guess I got to love you while I'm here baby
Did you know

The news said the sky is falling, the globe is warming
My country warring, leaders are lying, time is running
No where to go

I know we just met but baby could u love me quickly, quickly
I, want you to love me like you know the world is about to end baby, quickly

[Verse 2]
You said you didn't even know my name, but
Told me we mind as well make ours the same
What do you think baby (no time)
Think it mind as well be light years away, ohhh
We just better land on the stars before they come crashing down cause I heard the news say



Yea that's right baby kiss me like the world is quacking
Do it like the earth is shaking
You got it baby, that's right lovely
Fill me like our time is sprinting faster running out of time


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