Caroline Songtext - Jon Foreman

Caroline - Jon Foreman

[Verse 1]
The middle finger queen of the never mind
It’s been a little while since the second time
I knew that you’d never come home
You were just a child in the fire line
You were just a kid when your momma died
And daddy couldn’t make it alone

And I wonder out loud
Where your heart is now
Where your heart is now
Where your heart is now

[Verse 2]
Now and then, you’re in the magazines
The tabloid rags and the trash machines
They’re spitting on the image of the memories
Of the girl with her pigtails flying
I had a dream that you were calling home
Stranded in a storm on a payphone
And all that you were getting was a dial tone
With no one on the end of the line


They say your heart is where your treasure is
But maybe there’s another way to measure this
Cause it feels like what you find your pleasure in
Are the things that are bringing you down
Yeah, and every now and then
I wonder if you’ll ever make it home again
Back to the childhood innocence
Of the girl on her old playground


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