Enough Air Songtext - Jonathan Segel

Enough Air - Jonathan Segel

An empty room, chill in the air
There are a few clues
Showing who isn't there
All of those spots worn out by my stare

Salt crystals from dried tears
Spice my meals
They've been gathered for years
As if everything is just as it appears

I feel like I'm waiting
Limbo never ends
Time is abating, it's dulling my sense
But it doesn't alleviate the suspense

Breathe a cold breath and blow it on out
Waiting for you to come and end this drought
But I'm still without

I can remember the day that you left
Torn from my side we were cleft
So I wait to stop being bereft

Ghosts in my home but nobody's there
There is no sign
There's no mail in the box, not even a card
The phone doesn't ring, there's not even a sound

No one knocks on the door
And I know that it's you
Not coming home
So I'm still alone

Until the end I will show that I care
With my last breath, I know be screaming
"Life isn't fair", if I have enough air

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